1. people who smoke at red lights with their window down.  Especially if my window is down.  If your habit is so gross that you have to roll your window down to get away from the aftermath, please understand I want no part of it.
  2. people who smoke in public places in general.  If you want lung cancer, fine.  I don’t care what you do on your own property, on your own time.  Don’t drag your nasty habit into my airspace.
  3. people who drive like maniacs.  If you want to die, fine.  The rest of us will probably be better off.  But you are driving around thousands of pounds of various materials, you can do a lot of damage.  If you want to damage yourself that’s fine but quit endangering everyone around you.
  4. people who drive like maniacs in a parking lot.  Hello, there are pedestrians here.  And others who are driving cautiously because of the pedestrians, and also to look for a parking space.  It is not acceptable to zoom around at 55 mph.  Also it’s a good idea to look where you’re going.
  5. people who “work” the exit-only lane because they’re too important to wait in the lane they really want to be in.  YOU are the reason that lane is moving so slow.  If everyone would just get in line like they’re supposed to traffic would move so much more smoothly than having to constantly slam on their brakes because some idiot is forcing his way in just before the barrier.  Also you are slowing down the exit-only lane.  I WILL honk at you and give you The Look That Causes Terror And Death.
  6. people who expect others to clean up their mess.  This applies to actual physical messes as well as to stupid lifestyle choices.
  7. people who are arrogant jerks.
  8. people who are idiots.
  9. people who get all riled up about politics with no facts whatsoever.  This includes those who select their candidate based on “cool” factor as well as those who talk about democracy all the time.  America uses democratic process but we are not a democracy.  This is a constitutional republic.  They’re different.  People like you are the reason we are not a democracy.
  10. people who are in a rush to share their ignorance on any topic