So the house across the street from me was just broken into.  As I was rinsing out my lunch dishes I noticed a police car in front of the house, which is unusual…and then I noticed there were two police cars.  And two cops talking, one in a bulletproof vest.  Eventually there were 5 cars and a motorcycle lining the streets.  The lady who lives there came home, apparently called by a neighbor (the neighbor who may have been the one to call the police…not sure on that yet) and was escorted inside with a few officers.  Scary, I thought.  I checked the backyard to make sure no perpetrators were observing with glee from a distance, and while I was at it I checked my windows too.  No sign of unauthorized entry.  Whew.  I left to walk back to work (aren’t I environmental?!) and lo and behold, a perp is being escorted by a cop to the waiting car.  And another perp!  With another cop!  I stopped to talk to a neighbor down the street for a bit to get the inside scoop, and I am very glad that 1. the guys got caught and 2. I live in the sort of neighborhood where there are at least a few people home during the day to keep an eye on things.  Even though I live in the sort of neighborhood where break-ins are unfortunately not that uncommon.  Justice is served!