So after chatting with my friend Paige, and later Jake, I pinpointed one more thing that bothers me about Obama: his leadership style resembles that of another politician who will never make my favorites list.  Observe:

  1. Gather large groups of people together.
  2. Tell them how depressed and downtrodden they are.
  3. Tell them they shouldn’t be treated like that, they are much too good.  Special people shouldn’t have to work that hard for their bread!
  4. Once you have them eating out of your hand, they will believe anything you tell them.

Who does this sound like?  Oh yeah…Adolf Hitler.  And a lot of other guys who turned out pretty bad after they got power.  I’m not saying Obama is in a league with Hitler (yet), but I’m certainly not going to intentionally support someone that follows his manipulative principles of mob psychology so closely.