Or, Why Obama Is a Horrible Candidate.

I cannot understand the appeal of Barak Obama.  I’ve tried.  I mean, I haven’t read his books, which I’m sure are literary masterpieces, and I haven’t really heard his speeches, although I’ve heard they are oratory marvels.  I can’t even get interested enough in him to do those, because:

  1. His strong suit appears to be derision.  Headlines about him often begin, “Obama mocks…”, “Obama scoffs at…”, “Obama mocks…”, “Obama scorns…”, “Obama mocks…”  I don’t have exact numbers on this, but most of what comes from him belittles the ideas of current leaders or other candidates.  If I did want to listen to him, I would want to hear his thoughts and ideas, not how horrible the other guy is.  I think the leader of my country should have more intellectual skills than playground taunts.
  2. He doesn’t seem to have any actual ideas of his own.  “We need change” pretty much sums up what I understand of his platform.  Well, people ALWAYS need change, because people aren’t perfect.  Which means countries aren’t perfect.  So I don’t understand how he’s supposed to be so innovative – people have needed change since Adam.  And if I don’t like my life, NO president or politician is going to make my life better – that’s my responsibility.  Regardless of who is in the White House, and regardless of what party they are from, my life is MY life.
  3. In the same vein, he appears to be of the opinion that the government exists to fix everyone’s problems.  And yes, our government was created to “promote the general welfare,” but it is not a babysitter or a mother.  It is not the government’s job to clean up the mess you make of your own life.  That’s your job.  If you make bad choices, you get a crappy life.  If you make good decisions, you will end up with a good life.  The government’s job is to make sure that things keep happening that way (shoot a person, go to prison; conduct your business in a law-abiding and wise manner, make a profit).  That is how America works.  Our government is not here to remove the consequences of your poor decisions, and I certainly don’t want our country’s leader thinking that it is.
  4. He rejected a bill to protect infants born alive after failed abortions.  It’s called the Born Alive Infant Protection Act.  Basically it just says that if the fetus emerges alive, the doctor should not deny medical attention.  While it is fairly rare for this to happen, currently the doctor discards the “results” of the abortion as unwanted tissue.  Obama cited mother’s health concerns as his reason for voting against it not once, but twice.  Unless a baby is born with a machete in hand, I fail to see how his/her existence is a threat to the mother.  I, for example, am not a threat to a pregnant mother, because I am existing outside her body.  For me, this raises concerns about his morality as well as his intelligence.
  5. Except for voting against said bill, it doesn’t seem like he’s really accomplished much in his political career – except an impressive amount of mockery.  There’s not really a job that can prepare someone to be President, except being President, but I think I’d like to have someone that has some sort of clue what they’re doing in leading a huge body of people.
  6. He is inconsistent.  In scathing terms he mocks the war, but he would like to increase foreign aid spending $845 billion over current spending.  Apparently he does not approve of liberating a nation from a cruel dictatorship, helping said nation set up a non-tyrannical form of government, or granting basic human rights to women.  I guess that doesn’t count as “aid” to him.  And while “the situation in Darfur/Kenya/elsewhere in Africa” really is horrible, I’m curious how he plans to deal in a peaceful manner with the militant rebels who are causing a lot of the problems.  Maybe I’m naive, but militant rebels don’t really seem the type to sit down for some heart-to-heart negotiation.
  7. He’s a liar.  I realize he’s a politician, so that should go without saying.  But he claims to be a different kind of politician, and he’s not.  At all.  His campaign tactics represent everything most people claim to hate about politics: mud-slinging, name calling, pointing fingers.  On top of that, in February and March of this year alone, he raised $95 million for campaigning ($55 million in February and $40 million in March) while claiming to be all concerned about “the little guy.”  a) Bill Gates and Oprah, the richest man & woman in America, are ardent Obama supporters and generously support him financially.  Neither one counts as “the little guy.”  And if you think after all their support he’s not going to be doing some favors to big guys if he gets in office, you have some strong rose tints on your glasses.  b) $95 million could go a very long way in dealing with poverty in America, or health care for the poor, or any of the other issues he claims to be so concerned about.  Yet he is spending this money on commercial air time, hotel stays, transportation, etc.  For me, his extravagance in campaigning raises concerns about how well he could handle a national budget as well as reveals that his true concern is himself, not any “little guy.”

There’s a host of other reasons I find Obama distasteful, but I think these sum up my concerns about him as a person.  And our nation’s leader, after all, is a person before they are a leader.  Character matters, and I just don’t think Obama has it.