• All the good music was when I was in high school.
  • Kids today are “those punk kids.”  Which means anyone younger than me.
  • I wear tennis shoes every day.
  • The number of medicines in my cabinet.
  • I get stiff from sitting down.
  • I think swimsuits should look like this:

Or possibly, with long arms.  I am horrified that such a thing as a bikini was ever invented.

  • Fashionable bikinis cover less than my customary undergarments.
  • I like my jeans to have just a touch of lycra.
  • I forget EVERYTHING.
  • Saving 23 cents is exciting.
  • Finding a penny on the ground is exciting.
  • I fondly remember “the good ol’ days,” when a stamp or phone call could be had for a mere 25 cents…and gas cost 69 cents a gallon.  I told my dad to buy a bunch of barrels and gas cans and stock up.  I was only 16 at the time and couldn’t afford to do it myself.  I bet he regrets not listening to me now.  We could be rich!  Well, he would be rich.  I would probably be pretty much the same, except maybe he would give me a discount.