I am starting to think about what “gear” I need for marathon training (and cross-training).  And starting to think about collecting it.  I’m putting this list here, not because I think any of my 3 readers care, but because I make a lot of lists and I think my husband will go crazy if he finds another piece of paper around the house with a list on it – my lists usually get lost, so I end up making them over and over again, and leaving bits of scribbled-on paper behind me like Hansel and Gretel.  Although if any of my 3 readers has any of these items lying around not currently being used, I will happily adopt them, as buying all this stuff new would break the bank.  Here’s my list so far:

  • swimsuit.  This one is hard.  I have a real difficulty in forking over $50 or more for something made of mere polyester & lycra.  Also finding one that meets my modesty standards is difficult.  The kind with legs, like shorts, on them would be great…but you have to be an Olympic champion to afford them.  I don’t know why, they’re still just polyester & lycra.*
  • possibly board shorts.  See above.
  • Membership to local aquatic center.
  • pedometer.  I don’t trust local cities’ estimates of their trail systems.  I don’t know how pedometers in my price range (cheap) work anyway, they may not be any more accurate.
  • timer/stopwatch.  One that included a pedometer would be awesome.  But probably not in my price range (cheap).
  • yoga/pilates DVD.  To increase flexibility and decrease risk of injury.
  • stability ball.  To go along with pilates.  Maybe.  I have really poor balance so I’m not too sure about this one yet.  The ones with an anit-pop guarantee are more expensive…and after an incident in which one of Jake’s family members was injured when the stability ball popped, an anti-pop guarantee is important.
  • sweat-sucking clothing.  I think most manufacturers refer to it as “sweat-wicking.”  They suck the sweat off your skin and let it evaporate faster.  This is important for those of us stupid enough to train in Texas, in the summer.  Soggy, sweaty shirts are so discouraging – and disgusting.  I have a few shirts like this, but will need a few more since I plan to be sweating quite a bit more in the upcoming months.
  • maybe an extra pair of running shoes?  I’ll re-evaluate about halfway through training.

I think that’s it…for now.  I’ll be scouring craigslist and ebay in the upcoming weeks as I try to get in shape for training.  Training…for training sounds weird.  But looking at any marathon training plan, I know I won’t make it through week one.  I am pretty excited now about staring my plan, but considering the entry fee, the Team World Vision fee, airfare there & back, and getting all this extra stuff I have concluded that marathoning is an expensive hobby.  Depending on how this one goes I may have to keep it up to recoup some of my investment. 

*Note: I will buy the swimsuit new.  Just in case anyone was concerned.