I got home after work last Friday and spent a glorious half hour looking through a box of new books which arrived from CBD.  Like Christmas!  I wondered why Jake hadn’t called; I usually hear from him between 5:30 and 5:45.  Still, not too uncommon to not hear from him by 6.  I called but he didn’t answer.  I went outside to de-trailer trash our house (read: pull a ton of really tall weeds) and around 6:30 was a bit concerned.  Called a few more times.  At 7 I started calling friends/family to see if they had heard from him, and mad that we didn’t have the internet so I could check traffic conditions for his drive home.  At 7:30 I was wondering why we had never discussed burial preferences.  Cremation or burial, I wondered.  What if he’s not dead, just paralyzed from the horrible accident I just KNOW he was in, can I be as patient as Mrs. Reeves…and then he called.

“Hey,” he says in a voice like, “What’s wrong?  I noticed you called about eight times, are you OK?”


“I’m at work…I got called into a meeting, and I just got out.”


“What’s wrong?  What time is it?”


And then he felt really bad.  Really, really bad.  I am pretty good in emergencies; I don’t fall apart til the crisis is past.  So when he called, and it was his voice I heard and not some nurse in an ER, I kinda fell apart.  He took me to Olive Garden to make it up to me, which made me so happy.  I love eating out, I think it is just the biggest treat.  And Olive Garden has Zuppa Toscana, and Ravioli di Portobello, and breadsticks, and raspberry lemonade, and those lovely Andes mints.

On Saturday we went to an arts festival in Deep Ellum.  We go to the Main Street Arts Festival in Ft. Worth every year, but we will miss it this year, which is sad because it’s an annual tradition for us.  Our favorite vendor, Iona Books, wasn’t going to be at the Ft. Worth one anyway, so we decided to catch them at Deep Ellum because I wanted to get one for Jake for his upcoming birthday.  Iona Books are very awesome.  They are handcrafted leather books with this great paper inside…you just look at them and know that suddenly, you have something very important to write/draw/other artsy thing inside.  This makes them a perfect gift for an artsy person or writer.  You can order online,  but it is much more inspiring to see a variety of them, in different sizes and leathers and papers, all spread out on the table.  And then you can pick out the one that speaks to your soul, or whatever.  So we went for Jake to pick out his very own Iona Book, see Piper Sandals (which are also very awesome, by the way, the best sandals EVER), and also hoping to see a great arts fest.

We were 1/3 successful.  Iona was there, Piper Sandals was not…and the rest of the Deep Ellum fest was a bust.  Nothing very great, some booths with things like “Crystal Frogs For Good Luck” and the like.  But Jake did get a great book, which was the most important mission of the day.  There was a particular size he wanted, and they didn’t have any in that size except photo albums.  So we were going to have to go up in size and spend $10 more, which was fine.  After discovering we are Main Street regulars she gave us a 10% discount as an apology for not being at that fest…and knocked an extra $1 off so she wouldn’t have to make $19 change.  So we got the bigger book for the price we were originally expecting to pay.  This, of course, made me extremely happy, almost as if it were my own birthday present.  A very happy two days…except for the panic, of course.