I need a hair cut.  Badly.

Every time I go to a haircutter, they ask what I want.  I’m like, “I don’t know, you’re the artist, what would look good and be low maintenance?”  My three requirements are: 1. The majority of the hairs on my head need to be long enough to make some sort of ponytail.  I don’t mind wisps falling out but a ponytail is about all I know how to do to hair.  2. Low maintenance.  I never learned how to “fix” hair.  3. No bangs.  I had bangs as a kid.  They always needed fixing.  They were always in my eyes.  Then I saw Crystal Gale on Sesame Street and got inspired to grow them out.  They stayed in my eyes for about 2 more years until they were long enough to pull back.  My friend Amanda got those new-fangled swoopy bangs which look good.  Sometimes I think those might not be so bad but I’m so helpless at fixing hair I’m suspicious of any bangs.

Every single answer is, “How about some nice long layers, with some to frame your face?”  And I say OK.  The result is that I always have the same hair “style.”  I can get several inches cut off and no one even notices.  Which is fine, I guess, I’ve never liked people looking at me.  I’m just debating if I should go get a good haircut and pay $40 or go to Great Clips with a coupon for $12.  It’s such a basic cut I hate paying a lot but I really like having my hair shampooed by someone else.  Actually I hate the idea of paying anyone to remove part of my own body.  I found some instructions online and tried to talk Jake into cutting it for me but he won’t.

Yesterday I was out and about, on an access road turning left under the highway.  As I went through the intersection to turn I was surprised to see a car on the other side of the intersection, on the access road, facing me.  It was going the wrong way on a one-way street.  I caught a glimpse of two guys in the car, both wearing those priest shirts, black with the white collar thingy.  They tried to back up into a gas station to turn around.  I thought this was ironic since they are supposed to be giving people direction for life and eternity, and they can’t navigate a one-way street.