Monday night is grocery shopping night for me.  I usually go to Kroger for regular groceries and to CVS because you can get stuff for free or nearly free there.  Sometimes they even pay you to take stuff.  It’s really great.  Here are the results:

CVS: bought $22.36 worth of stuff for $2.17.

Kroger: bought $122.66 worth for $60.48.

That certainly wasn’t my most successful CVS venture either, and I had to get some stuff at Kroger I wouldn’t normally to make dinner for some friends with a new baby.  Hooray!  We are all stocked up now.  I feel like I’m FINALLY getting the hang of this.  Well, like I’m starting to get the hang of it.

Jamba Juice was giving away free smoothies this morning, so I had grand plans to hit one not too far away from where I live/work.  But my co-worker called as I was leaving to say she would not be coming in today, that she was very sick.  Side note: I’m a little skeptical, since I know she is usually behind in things like laundry, and she has a planned trip out of town this weekend.  She’s probably packing, or getting things in a packable state.  Anyway of course traffic was horrible and it took me close to 30 minutes to get there (I gave myself 45 for round-trip).  I ordered an Aloha Pineapple, no bananas, and was cheerfully congratulating myself on getting a free, healthy breakfast, even if I would get in trouble for getting to work late and leaving the phones uncovered.  They called my name, I picked up my smoothie, and headed out the door with a Meg Ryan-esque bounce in my step.

This would be much more impressive if they had given me the smoothie I ordered.  I got some sort of strawberry-banana concoction, and you may recall that I specifically ordered a non-banana smoothie.  But I was running too late to point out the mistake, and also it just feels like bad manners to complain about something that was free anyway, so I’m dutifully eating/drinking the smoothie.  The Meg Ryan bounce is gone, though.