After months of lurking, I am starting a blog of my own.  Previously, I was nervous about blogging because I don’t have internet at home – and apparently blogging at work is bad.  But I decided they need me more than I need them, so why be afraid?  And, of course, I don’t really have anything to say.  But here I am anyway.

 Having nothing to say explains the subtitle…also it is a line from a Kendall Payne song called “Not Afraid to Be Me,” which refers to “meeting myself” and I suppose that is an important part of blogging or any sort of journaling.  So that explains that…and “Suzannesaphone” is the nickname given to me by my Mamaw.  All her grandchildren were given very…um, unique nicknames, and I elected to use that as the title.  Because it’s my blog, and I can say/do/write whatever I want.  So there.